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So Say Something!!!

[19 Apr 2005|05:45pm]


Heya Everyone. I'm new here, Just applied for Itachi yesterday and checked my mail this morning only to find that i was accepted. That makes me happy, i'm glad to be here. I've never RPed as Itachi before so i'm excited.

My RP journal is this one...the_one_prodigy

My AIM is: abandoned uchiha

and my personal journal is xtruly_morbidx

Anyways, just thought i just give an intro post. Can't wait to get started with the RP

So Say Something!!!

COMMUNITY MOVING [13 Apr 2005|06:39pm]

The community has moved!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact me on AIM for further info. Yami Kristi , as I'm sure you recall.

Kakashi has dropped out. I'm kicking Moe out, so that means we've lost:

Ino, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Anko.

Everyone else please send me an im so I can tell you our new location!!

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[11 Apr 2005|12:02pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

okay for reasons which I can't say.. I'm withdrawling from the rp.. if you need to know reasons you can contact me on AIM.. Seems I'm not trusted.. and ya know.. That isn't cool, espeically when Kristi, is the one who rps Kiba.. and so appearntly that doesn't make a difference to Matt.. so I must withdrawl Tenten.. >_<; Gah.. it was fun while it lasted.. I'm deeply sorry, I guess this means Sakura should be dropped to cus heavens knows what could happen to her.. I truly am sorry about everything, It was fun.. but I guess I'm done.. Just when I was starting to enjoy doing something and being apart of something again.. It gets taking away.. *sigh* Well I'm done, please feel free to contact me on AIM and stuff I'll still chat with you.. I hope this doesn't make me evil or makes any of you to want to stop being my friend.. Again.. I'm Sorry to Everyone..

OKay Matt.. You can be happy now.. There will be no more Tenten or Sakura.. no more rp for me.. okay.. be happy I'm sure you are.. >_<; I told you stuff was gonna stop.. but I guess you didn't believe.. and the OOC stuff.. seriously was nothing more than at least wanting to see Kiba, and holding him.. you read way far into things.. >_<; but for you and to keep you I'm done.. >_

So Say Something!!!

Temari & Kankuro's Arrival Part 1 - Part 2 [11 Apr 2005|12:37am]

- Temari and Kankuro arrive in the sand and develope a plan to capture Kiba to lure Gaara back to the sand village

- Shikamaru unwillingly shows them the way to Kiba's house and the four end up in battle.

- Gaara saves Kiba and Shikamaru

- Shikamaru goes to the hospital, Kiba goes to Sasuke's house with Gaara to be protected.

- Gaara and Sasuke get aroused.

- Sasuke tries to use Kiba to turn Gaara on. >>;;; It fails. He bites Kiba..

- Kiba goes to the bathroom while Sasuke and Gaara begin to get naughty, but steps on glass from when Sasuke's shelf fell over.

- Gaara tells them he needs time alone, and Sasuke goes to help Kiba clean up his wounds in the bathroom.

And so that's what you missed. Temari and Kankuro are now in Konoha .. right? And Kiba, Gaara, and Sasuke are at Sasuke's. Shikamaru is in the hospital.

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X_X Oh God. [10 Apr 2005|05:22pm]

The next part of previous rp. (Livejournal has limits of how long your post can be. ~_~ Go figure.)

SO LONG!Collapse )

So Say Something!!!

[10 Apr 2005|05:20pm]

15130 or so words. You're not expected to read.

Includes Gaara/Sasuke stuff and SLIGHT SLIGHT Sasuke/Kiba stuff (forceful, so Kiba's not cheating on Tenten.) Violence and all that jazz. Summary coming up soon.

This is one long rp..Collapse )

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Anko and Sasuke [10 Apr 2005|05:10pm]

Anko and Sasuke discuss the cursed seal.

It can do what?!?!Collapse )

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My journal updates.. [10 Apr 2005|10:36am]

I'm currently in the middle of an rp with Kiba and Sasuke, I won't update for them until it's over. -bows- Sowwy!! I'm going to update for Temari now...

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Ultimatum [08 Apr 2005|10:13pm]

[ mood | sinister ]

I am coming....
You do not know my plans, but I am coming.
None of you can stop me and you will not be told beforhand.
What kind of fear would I impose if I told you where you would die...

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[08 Apr 2005|06:33am]

[ mood | blah ]

Just posting to remind everyone Tomorrow I'll be leaving to go to NJ for a week, I'll be online at times so message me if you like ^_^

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Announcement [07 Apr 2005|09:37pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hem hem!

Starting now, you MUST update atleast once every two weeks. I really didn't want to make anyone stressed, but I want this community active. If you're going to neglect your characters, I'm sure atleast someone won't. That's why I'll have to kick you out.

As for the 'more then one' character deal: No exceptions. If you don't update a journal, that character is out. You've gotta give it up to someone else. You can keep your other journals as long as they're updated atleast once every two weeks. :3 Get it?

--The exceptions--

Good examples of excuses are: Vacationing, Overflood of work, Broken computer, etc etc.
Bad examples are: Didn't feel like it, I've been busy with my own journal, etc. etc.

(NOTE: I'm not a mean person, if you didn't feel like it for a good enough reason- for example- your long-term relationship just ended, or you're sick, or something similiar, that's ok.)

However even with a good excuse there's only so long you can be absent. Stay gone for two months? I'm sorry, you're out. :/

It's also an exception if your character is currently unable to get to a computer or whatever, but you need to discuss that further with me.


And that's all for now, thanks for your time everyone! ^_^

So Say Something!!!

Updated ze site [03 Apr 2005|03:58pm]

Now there's a more clear "about the universe" page. Also, updated the rules page and application page as well. Checkit when you feel like it. :3 The link should be right in the info, and layout of the community's journal.

Speaking of which, if you guys would like, A tip!!!:

If you've got nothing else to put, put the community's site as your character's journal's site. To do this, just go to "Manage>info" and put in our url as "Your URL" and the name of the site as "Your Site's Title". ^_^; Or whatever.

Also, you could use your own journal if you want more credit for your rpage. :3

^_^ And oh yes! I almost forgot. I went through and added every rp so far to the memories!!! So now it should be easier to find them all on here, since I'm not so good at updating them on the site.

Well, that's all for now!

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Sakura's Birthday [01 Apr 2005|07:19pm]

[ mood | amused ]

The night of Sakura's birthday, unfortunately, doesn't go so well for her. ^^;

Aww, Sasuke was mean!Collapse )

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[01 Apr 2005|06:12am]

[ mood | awake ]

Alright next weeks schedule and the week after that..so you know when I'm available for Rp


Sunday 2-7
Monday Off
Tues 4-10, but before that I have a meeting at 2:30 so I'm only free til 2.
Wends 8-4:30
Thrus 8-2
Friday 8-4:30
Saturday.. I'm off and unavailable as I'll be in New Jersey visiting the Matt-ness, my boyfriend.


Sunday - New York hopefully with the Matt-ness and friends..
Monday - Free til 4:30, after that Matt takes over the computer..
Tues - Same as above
Wends - Same as above
Thurs - Same as above
Friday - Same as above
Saturday - Leaving home to go back to PA, NA
Sunday the 17th Free prolly after 3, cus Matt should be on his way home by then from taking me home ;-; Sad sad day that will be~

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Limiting you to four [31 Mar 2005|12:44pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Ah, I'll go into detail on recently made rule that limited you all to four characters.

Reason #1: Availability
You never know who may want to join in the future. Wouldn't it be lame if they wanted to and found there favorite character was already taken by someone who also played six or seven others? Face it, that person probably would have appreciated the character more and also maybe taken more time and in fact done a much better job. Don't deny this, you know it's true. There's no reason to hog.

Reason #2: Interaction
This may not go for everyone, but I personally hate roleplaying with myself.... We do NOT want to limit interaction between characters, or make any interaction more awkward.

And in reply to this comment:

Limitations should also be based on character's significance. You know, some characters like Ibiki don't play as active a role. Temporary characters shouldn't count either, like nameless ninjas who are used in large battles.

RP is NOT about making one big story, it's about becoming a character and making each his or her own story. That's why all characters have their own journals, you see? Not to mention this is an au. Kiba doesn't exactly play an active role in the Naruto series, but in what story we've made so far you may notice that he's being REALLY active. :P Also, we see hardly anything from our Kakashi who is in fact.. a main character. (NYYAAA @ John)

About temporary characters? No, no, of course they don't count. I thought I made a point of this before? In rp, you're free to use as many 'nameless' or 'temporary' characters. Those count as "ocs" or "original characters". The ones you are limited to are main characters from the series 'Naruto', who would have journals.

If there are any more questions or comments, I'd love to hear. (Comment on this post, please, and not the last one that first announced the rule.)

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New Rule [29 Mar 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Updating for Kristi:

After a bit of a debate it was decided that there should be a limit of four characters per player. One person playing several characters limits those character's avalibility for RP. It also limits interaction between those characters. So let's please keep it to four or less, guys.

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Did he forget? [28 Mar 2005|03:10pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

lol, I didn't see Josh announcing anywhere.

We now have a Kankuro and Shikamaru.

kabuki_bat & what_a_bother


So Say Something!!!

Sakura & Ino [28 Mar 2005|02:15pm]
Sakura and Ino got together the other day and here's what happened...
Friends Again?Collapse )

Hopefully this marks the start of another story...

So Say Something!!!

KibaTenten rp [27 Mar 2005|11:19am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Rated NC-17. :3 Kiba x Tenten

The RP!Collapse )

So Say Something!!!

Ino is here to party and Jiraiya's bringing the sake! [26 Mar 2005|04:54pm]
This is me claiming rights to Ino http://www.livejournal.com/~rival_ino/
and Jiraiya http://www.livejournal.com/~toad_sennin

That's about what I can handle, so yall take it easy for now.

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